Perfect Lighting Solutions

LED lighting can save you 80% on your lighting energy costs and maintenance expenses because LED lighting lasts over 5 times as long as traditional lighting and uses up to 1/5 the energy.


Our first priority is the Quality of the LED lighting products that we source. From performance, to warranty, to cost, we procure state of the art LED lights from leading American and International Lighting Manufacturers.

Audit / REBATE / Finance

Our second priority is the tailor a lighting package that maximizes our clients benefits. From a detailed audit of existing lighting fixtures, usage, electricity costs, and available power company and manufacturer rebates, we generate LED conversion proposals that include financing opportunities that give some customers cash flow positive results immediately after installation.


Our final priority is to ensure our clients get the proper installation and functionality they need. We work with national networks of certified installation professionals that consult and collaborate with facility operational managers to get their facilities successfully converted to and operating under the energy efficient lighting.